AXIS SOVA – ” Fractal “

Posted: May 26, 2021 in MUSIC

The Axis tilts again. Feedback loops, patterns begetting patterns…fracturing, splintering, diverging, convalescing…these are fractals on which we build. With trademark molten guitar licks and some of the most sweetly delicate Axis vocals yet, “Fractal” is pure dialled-in, zoned-outery, from altered beast to blasted jam via dub-fried space lullabying in Denudes puree. Evolution is inevitable, reinvention the key!.

This sister sits with other misters recorded at various moments before/during/after the recent time blip – “Fractal USA” following the Shampoo You tour year; “Caramel” and “(Don’t Wanna Have That) Dream” secreted secretly, under masked-and-distanced lock-down; and “Dying To Meet You,” a long-form full band jam from the vault edited, spliced, and dubbed to meet this EP’s needs. The through-line of the batch is hypnosis:

With Brett Sova smelting trademark molten guitar licks and fusing several of his most irresistibly delicate vocals to date to the finely-rendered compounds, the “Fractal” EP makes gains from losses, from the repetition, the patterns, the fractals. Evolution is inevitable, reinvention the key – unlock it in you with Axis: Sova’s “Fractal”.

A short shot here from Axis: Sova pushes a more motorik pulse, with the machine march of drums underscoring that scorch that we’ve come to love from Brett Sova over the years. The EP’s opener is feedback huffin’ howler, but over the course of this EP Sova takes a few new tacks as well, ingesting some dub-slung haze on “(Don’t Wanna Have That) Dream,” a more laconic outing than he’s usually known for. Throw in an unexpected Cluster cover and a seven-minute percolated capper and its a fun grab-bag of an EP that keeps the band fresh between albums. The record is out now from God? Records.

Brett Sova: gtr, vox, organ, drums
Jeremy Freeze: bass, gtr, organ, drums, vox
Tim Kaiser: gtr, vox

Recorded and Mixed in Chicago by Brett Sova

Drag City Inc. Released on: 7th May 2021

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