RODDY WOMBLE – ” Lo! Soul “

Posted: May 25, 2021 in MUSIC
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Following on from his experimental EP Everyday Sun; Scottish songwriter Roddy Woomble expands on the strange synth soundscapes on new album Lo! Soul to create a new sound called “Dystopian Pop”. Stripped down and alien in nature; it’s distinctly different to the angled riffs or anthemic feel of Idlewild and a huge shift from the folky feel of his previous solo work. Yet the weirdly wonderful abstract corner he has cast himself into somehow works, thanks in large part to his close partnership with bandmate Andrew Mitchell (aka Andrew Wasylyk) who helps expand on the prose and pieces of ideas passed on to him

“I’m a collaborative songwriter, used to working in a room with one or more people, or a band, and I think my songs benefit from that human connection and response.”

“Gradually though, I started developing songs on my acoustic guitar which I would record on my phone and send on to Andrew in Dundee. Around then, my friend and musician Danny Grant, based in Glasgow, began sharing his wonderful electronic grooves and rhythms with me. I started improvising over these with my poems. It didn’t feel like an album we were creating at this stage though, more a scrapbook of this particular moment. As restrictions eased in the summer I spent three days in Andrew’s studio recording vocals and developing these ideas.

Other than this, the album was all recorded remotely – Dundee Glasgow, and the Hebrides”.

Released on: 2021-03-05

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