VUNDABAR – ” Aphasia “

Posted: May 23, 2021 in MUSIC

Vundabar have released a new track called ‘Aphasia’, marking the Boston-based trio’s first song since last year’s Either Light. The single, which features guest vocals from Indigo De Souza, arrives with a new B-side, ‘Ringing Bell’.

“The creation of this song was sparked by my dad having a stroke that has resulted in global aphasia,” Vundabar singer and guitarist Brandon Hagen explained in a press release. “That happening, on top of quarantine, produced a crisis within a crisis. The song originated as being about having difficulty describing the world and yourself, and then my pops’ stroke happened and it felt uncanny and fated.”

‘Aphasia’ is accompanied by a video created by Hagen’s sister and her boyfriend. “My sister is a producer/director, her boyfriend is a cinematographer and I make songs so we took all of our sadness, nervous energy and fear of death and channelled it into making something light and fun something to counterbalance what we were dealing with,” Hagen said. “It feels fitting that the video is about vampires, your classic death creature, having a goofy romp – it reflects what we were trying to do – flip a feeling on its head, and that feels very Vundabar-ish.”

Aphasia + Ringing Bell out now on Gawk Records

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