BIRDS of MAYA – ” Please Come In “

Posted: May 23, 2021 in MUSIC
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Eight years passes like nothing for Birds of Maya! Their fourth album kicks out the Philly jams with every bit as much fervor as their earlier releases — in fact, as it was recorded in 2014, it IS one of their earlier releases. They will sell no wine before its time.

Trading the crushed harmonics of their basement tapes for studio-grade mics, overdubs in the mix, and only slightly less-bruised melodies, Birds Of Maya’s roiling essence not only survives, but thrives, non-stop, on “Valdez” stuttering, screaming and stomping through six circuitous numbers. With their undulated and unfettered riffage mutated into raw power, The Birds project their sound to burst through the basement and spill into the streets.
“Please Come In” is pulled from way back in early pre-Mayan consciousness, and well-suited for the Birds’ classic mottled and throttled, all-to-the-wall approach. A stormer tinged with 60s psych vibes, it has the feel of a perennial set-closer – because what could possibly come next?! Accompanied by a video filmed by Joe Burns and edited by Birds bassist/vocalist Jason Killinger, “Please Come In” presents a thrashin’, washed-out performance reminiscent of long lost Super 8 footage. Killer!

“Please Come In” is from “Valdez” released on LP & Streaming on June 25, 2021 by Drag City Records.

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