YOO DOO RIGHT – ” Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose “

Posted: May 21, 2021 in MUSIC

Yoo Doo Right from Montreal, Québec are Inspired by the pounding rhythmic improvisations found in krautrock, experimental trio Yoo Doo Right wed noisy, melodic guitar parts, effect-heavy synthesizer soundscapes, nonchalant bass grooves and patented percussive furies into a literal wall of sound. Solemn, chin-to-chest vocals dance in and out of the primordial sonic spectrum, creating a warm pillow to rest a weary head upon.

Part interstellar ear-worms, part sonic experimentations, their upcoming opus sees the trio relentlessly chase, and successfully capture, the very essence of their art, resulting in layered bombastic tracks ranging from mechanical krautrock to audacious space rock.

Named after a song by Can, Montreal’s Yoo Doo RIght fall dead-center in the Venn diagram of komische, shoegaze and post-rock. They released a split with Acid Mother Temple last year and have collaborated with members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Braids, and are set to release their debut album, “Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose” on May 21st via Mothland.

The album’s new single is “Presto, Presto, Bella’s Dream,” a pounding blast of motorik interstellar overdrive. Yoo Doo Right say the title is “an ode to both the tempo and a good friend who indirectly influenced us, helped us write this song.

Released May 21st, 2021

All songs written by Yoo Doo Right

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