COUNTING CROWS – ” Elevator Boots “

Posted: May 21, 2021 in MUSIC

Counting Crows unlike many of their contemporaries, haven’t churned out endless studio albums since debuting with their huge-selling ‘August and Everything After’ in 1993. Over a near thirty-year span, the band has put out seven studio albums, a greatest hits compilation and several live albums. Their last album, ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’, was released in 2014 and fans have had a lengthy wait for a follow-up. That wait was largely down to frontman Adam Duritz taking a break from music.

So after seven years, Adam Duritz and Counting Crows return with their latest record, Butter Miracle, Suite One. Written on a remote farm in the United Kingdom’s countryside in 2019, the four-track, 18-minute suite was artfully composed so that each track flows without interruption from one song to the next. The result, “The Tall Grass,” which leads to “Elevator Boots,” which segues into “Angel on 14th Street,” whose climatic crash is the first power chord to the intro to the final song, “Bobby and the Rat-Kings.”

The suite kicks off with ‘The Tall Grass’, and once Duritz’s vocal arrives less than 20 seconds in, you’ll get those goose-bumps that only he can give you. The first 90 seconds of ‘The Tall Grass’ makes you think you’re in for an acoustic ballad, with a light electro-feel, but then the track transforms into a completely different beast as Duritz’s voice increases in intensity, with the heart breaking lyrics telling of the long-term damage childhood trauma can have. As the song begins to wind down, a piano melody takes over as ‘Elevator Boots’ begins and Duritz delivers an ode to loving rock’n’roll. It’s packed with affection and harks back to the sound that made the band a global phenomenon.

‘Angel of 14th Street’ ups the tempo a little and for me, it’s the finest of the four songs here. Duritz tells the story of a woman who moves from California to New York. The song draws parallels with Duritz’s personal journey and his own struggles with mental illness. The backing vocals an injection of soul and the whole thing is produced to perfection. You need to put headphones on and crank up the volume to really appreciate everything that’s going on. Also who doesn’t love a sax solo?

After years of touring hard and writing very little, Adam Duritz headed to an English farm, cleared his head and wrote the strongest Counting Crows music in decades: ‘Butter Miracle, Suite One’

“Elevator Boots” is Counting Crows’ newest single off their upcoming “Butter Miracle Suite One“, out May 21st.

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