HANNAH GEORGAS – ” All That Emotion ” Feat Matt Berninger

Posted: May 19, 2021 in MUSIC

Hannah Georgas has a seemingly endless capacity for crafting textured pop songs. Since her debut, the Toronto-based musician has won numerous awards and racked up multiple nominations, including four JUNO nods, for everything from Best New Artist to Songwriter of the Year. 

In early September, Hannah Georgas released her new album “All That Emotion“. It was preceded by several singles, but today she’s back with something else: A reimagining of album cut “Pray It Away,” now transformed into a duet with Matt Berninger.

The collaboration makes sense. Georgas toured as part of the National’s expanded line-up on the I Am Easy To Find tour. Aaron Dessner produced All That Emotion, and Berninger was always hopefully going to be involved given the friendship he and Georgas struck up on the road. Here’s what Georgas had to say about it:

In a lot of ways, All That Emotion is a personal record, but “Pray It Away” ended up being very collaborative. I co-wrote the song with my producer Aaron Dessner, who sent me an instrumental during the time I was writing and demoing.

A close friend of mine inspired the lyrics. She told me over dinner one night that a family member didn’t want to attend her wedding because she was marrying a woman. I wrote the song the next day using the chord progression from Aaron’s demo. It was upsetting to see my friend go through what she was dealing with at a time where she should have been celebrating.

While Aaron and I were recording this song together, he mentioned it could be really great to ask Matt Berninger to sing on it. Ironically, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit when we were actually able to follow through with this idea, together. It’s so lovely it all worked out and we were able to make it happen in the end.

Releases June 18th, 2021

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