PROVOKER – ” Spell Strike “

Posted: May 18, 2021 in MUSIC
Photo by  Lovisa Drever

Los Angeles-based Provoker evoke early post-punk and dark wave on their newest single “Spell Strike,” which premiered alongside an unsettling, reality-bending music video. The single accompanied the band’s announcement that they’ve signed with YEAR0001, an independent record label based out of Sweden that is home to the likes of Viagra Boys, Bladee, Ecco2k and Yung Lean. The band is expected to release their debut LP via YEAR0001 sometime this year. “Spell Strike” recontextualizes atmospheric guitars evocative of The Cure and mixes them with modern R&B lyricism for an unnerving juxtaposition that defies time. It is written from the perspective of an RPG character encountering a fairy boss, with the title referring to the boss’ special move. Directed by Actual Objects (Yves Tumor, Young Thug), the accompanying visual is hypnotizing and menacing, with car chases in the forest and a faceless, jointless figure on the hunt. “It’s about falling in love with someone, and you’re not sure if those feelings are reciprocated,” said singer Christian Petty of the band’s new track. “It destroys you trying to figure that out.”

Provoker is a multifaceted band in LA, originally from the Bay Area, rooted in multiple backgrounds of music, including R&B, punk and metal—Jonathan Lopez and vocalist Christian Petty (featuring live members Kristian Moreno and Wilfredo Palacios, on percussion and bass). Finding inspiration in makeshift and unconventional spaces, they relate to their audience by valuing both the analogue and digital past. Praised for their personalized spin on post-punk and dark wave,

Listen to ‘Spell Strike’ out now through YEAR0001

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