KOLEZANKA – ” 7th St/7th Ave “

Posted: May 16, 2021 in MUSIC

This week, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer Kolezanka (aka Kristina Moore) announced a new album titled “Place Is” and shared a new single from it, “7th St/7th Ave” via a video for it. Place Is will be out July 30th on Bar/None Records, her debut for the label.

Moore talks about the new song in a press release: “This song lyrically encapsulates a lot of what the record was written about; being here while being there. I was feeling physically split between different homes. I had a home in Phoenix, a home in Brooklyn, and various homes I’d found while being on the road. As I spent time in one place, I felt the other grow farther. I have thought often about ‘place’ vs. ‘space’ the past three years. What makes space a place. If a place is only physically spaced. I used to have awful PTSD flashbacks and heavy dissociation, both of which would function differently, but would leave me feeling disoriented as if I had truly left my body and gone to another place and then come back and forget where I actually am.

More recently, I’ve found myself caught in bouts of nostalgia, where I get caught in a memory and lose my footing in a physical space because the memory is so cinematic. Or I found myself returning home to Phoenix after moving and every part of the city felt filled entirely by events spanning years and it felt overwhelming. The song moves in three parts between three separate homes I was feeling all at once: walking from 7th st. to 7th ave. in Phoenix while the sun was setting, leaving Darlings at 3 a.m. one night in Bushwick and feeling this urge to run back to my apartment as fast as I could, and being at Barton Springs in Austin Texas on a tour, after visiting Barton Springs several times on several tours over a few years, and watching some kids climb a high tree and swinging into the spring from a rope over and over.”

This new track is a trip to the ’70s and a psychedelic vision with overlaying guitar synths and tones of percussion from drummer Ark Calkins. Koleżanka includes lyrics about existing in an “in-between” space much like truckers, flight attendants, and musicians on tour where home has no permanent meaning, and explores instead the emotional connection to a physical realm. “Place Is” continues to grapple the emotional and psychedelic experiences in life by turning them into sound.

She adopted the koleżanka name, which roughly translates to colleague, or a friendly acquaintance, a tongue-in-cheek comment on the competitive and male-dominated music scene she was navigating, and a nod to the bond she felt with the other women coming up against these same obstacles. “We were a minority presence, instant colleagues”, she explains. It was around this same time that she met the members of Triathalon, a rising indie band from New York, and struck up a friendship. Before long, she’d been invited to join the band, handling keys and backing vocals on their first national headline tour, and eventually moving out east to join them full time. One whirlwind year later, her stint with the group was over, and her life in the new city a burning question mark. 

“Place Is” out July 30th, 2021

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