SHADOW SHOW – ” What Again Is Real? “

Posted: May 11, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC

Masters of resto-mod psychedelia Shadow Show confront the daily march of frighteningly too-real absurdity by diving into a sherbet coloured daydream on their latest 7-inch vinyl release that pairs a period-correct original track with a strikingly re-imagined deep cut from the dustbin of indie rock history.

“What Again Is Real?” builds upon traditional psych rock concepts by framing a narrative around a carefree psychedelic pixie for the mod-squad set, irresistibly magnetic as she glides by sporting go-go boots and capturing the imaginations of everyone she passes. Worldly cares fall all around her like rain, deflected before the drops can saturate her mood by a karmic umbrella of good vibes and radiant positivity. Like a paisley Pied Piper she beckons the overstimulated masses to shed their soggy vestments and follow her down a dayglo rabbit hole to a sunny mental state uncluttered by worry. Oscillating guitar riffs meander between harmonized vocals that eschew the harder, threatening tendencies of American West Coast acid psych in favour of the lighter, whimsical stylings of the genre’s British variant to great effect.

Los Angeles based filmmaker Mat Dunlop captures the analogue aesthetic of “What Again Is Real?” in a resplendently lo-fi 8mm video awash in the cinematic wonder of LA’s iconic golden hour. The footage is interspersed with organic animations by Dawn Aquarius that echo the billowy spectacle of George Dunning’s iconic work on Yellow Submarine for maximum psychedelic impact. The dedication to a highly specific visual language recalls that of one of Shadow Show’s most successful hometown forebearers, and as The White Stripes leveraged candy stripes as a visual manifesto Shadow Show’s full bore adoption of 1960s style from Laugh-In to A Clockwork Orange is a primer on the band’s inspirational heritage.

on Hypnotic Bridge Records.

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