LADY DAN – ” I Am the Prophet “

Posted: May 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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Tyler Dozier, the Austin, Texas-based singer/songwriter behind Lady Dan, makes music laden with “Melancholic cowboy vibes”, to borrow a descriptor lifted from her sister. Melancholic Cowboy in Austin, TX,

It’s a wonderful springtime for rebirths, and this debut album from Tyler Dozier, a golden blend of sleepy, honeyed country and slackerish indie rock, celebrates two. First, the southern singer-songwriter’s outgrowing of a strict religious upbringing in Alabama, and second, her emancipation from a controlling relationship. Christ and creeps are dismissed in intertwining ways on the melancholy, heavy-strummed No Home: “I got a new skin/ I’m no longer a slave to all of your patriarchal sins.”

“Intro To Loss/No Home” is the second installment to Lady Dan’s upcoming album

In the main, though, Dozier steps lightly through her complicated evolution: her wry delivery has something of the Liz Phair about it in the likes of Paradox, with its woozily, shoegaze-tinged pedal steel, and the shuffly, sardonic “Misandrist To Most” while the gorgeously regretful Plagiarist’s Blues sinks its melodic hooks deep with a classic country couplet: “I don’t wanna write my own songs, I wanna sing everybody else’s/ Yet there’s no one who feels quite the way I do”. There are hints of more exotic influences, too, in the sunlit bossa nova rhythm of Better Off Alone, with its flourishes of loungey sax, and Drink Your Sorrows, a handclap-laced trip into darker corners that adds interesting shadows to “I Am the Prophet’s” beautiful blasphemy.

Lady Dan – “I Am the Prophet” the title track to Lady Dan’s upcoming album out on April 23rd through Earth recordings Libraries. Debut album “I Am The Prophet”. Limited red and clear wine spill vinyl design.

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