THE MARÍAS – ” Hush “

Posted: May 3, 2021 in MUSIC
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L.A. band The Marías will release new album “Cinema” on June 25th via Nice Life Recording Company / Atlantic Records. “The Marías were born from cinema,” says María. “The reason Josh and I started writing music together was because of cinema. Through a friend, we were connected to a music supervisor who would send us requests for music for films. We’d receive a synopsis of a scene, and then we’d have to write music to it within a couple of days. Not only did that teach us how to write songs together fairly quickly, it taught us how to think like filmmakers. We’d imagine worlds in our minds based on the synopses – the colours in the scene, the lighting, the actors, the set design, and of course, the music.” First single “Hush” is definitely on the cinematic tip, modern noir synth.

The Marías are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, composed of Puerto Rican lead singer María Zardoya and Los Angeles native and drummer Josh Conway

‘Hush’ written by María Zardoya and Josh Conway

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