NEW YORK DOLL – Arthur “Killer” Kane 

Posted: May 3, 2021 in MUSIC

Tales of redemption are at the heart of many rock n’ roll documentaries — and every episode of VH1’s Behind the Music — but 2005 film “New York Doll” is especially moving. The film follows onetime New York Dolls bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane after he has bottomed out with substance abuse, suicide attempts and other near-death experiences and found salvation and quiet happiness with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (who have also employed him in their L.A. library). Kane has all but given up on his former dreams of rock and roll glory when a call comes to reunite the band via a show organized by superfan Morrissey (who is interviewed here). Finally a  second chance is presented to him, just as he’s given the terrible news of a cancer diagnosis. (Kane died in 2004 before the release of the film.)

NEW YORK DOLL, directed by Greg Whiteley

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