DEVO – ” Live On Chorus ” French TV 1978

Posted: April 18, 2021 in MUSIC
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Devo on Chorus, 1978, By the time of their 1978 debut album, Devo had it all figured out: the jerky art-punk sound, the Nuclear Family sci-fi look, the alienated lyrical bend. It all really came together in their manic, choreographed live show that was truly like no other at the time. Without seeing these guys perform interpreting their recorded music through their extraordinary live stage presence it’s difficult to wrap your head around what the hell they were REALLY up to.

THIS is what DEVO is. Driving rhythms, with heavy guitar use and wild synth layers. The gold standard for techno-punk. So much energy in this performance.

And where else better to experience than on French TV where when they ask “Are we not men?” the entire audience, in an audible French accent, shout back “WE ARE DEVO!” Watch them burn though “Satisfaction,” “Uncontrollable Urge,” “Mongoloid,” “Come Back Jonee” and more. C’est fantastique!

Setlist: 0:21 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 3:08 Too Much Paranoia’s 5:44 Uncontrollable Urge 9:02 Mongoloid 12:14 Jocko-Homo 16:22 (no music) Interview 18:42 Come Back Jonee 22:13 Boojie Boy – The Words Get Stuck in My Throat

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