LUMINOUS KID and PHOEBE BRIDGERS – ” Mountain Crystals “

Posted: April 10, 2021 in MUSIC
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Luminous Kid has teamed up with workaholic Phoebe Bridgers to deliver a magical song called “Mountain Crystals.” The lyrics are about not being certain if you are awake or dreaming. We’ve all been there! The instrumentation and delivery style gives the song a psychedelic vibe that comes across peacefully.

The songs instrumentation style is laid back while vocals rhyme quickly on top but in a relaxed fashion. Luminous Kid’s vocals are very relaxed throughout the song even for the catchy chorus hook. Phoebe Bridgers doesn’t sing a verse on the track but instead delivers a spoken word poem.

My favourite part of the instrumentation is the horn section which creates a young and free feeling.

Luminous Kid and Phoebe Bridgers first collaborated when Olof Grind (Luminous Kid) shot the cover for Phoebe Bridgers 2020 album “Punisher”. The album shoot required a road trip which allowed enough time for the two to become friends and get inspired by the scenery to write this song.

‘Mountain Crystals’ is the last single off Luminous Kid’s upcoming debut album, featuring Phoebe Bridgers on spoken word. Buy limited edition pink 7″ vinyl with exclusive B-side

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