BAD WAITRESS – ” Too Many Bad Habits “

Posted: April 4, 2021 in MUSIC
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Toronto-based punk-rockers Bad Waitress share their ferocious and intense new single ‘Too Many Bad Habits’, out now via Royal Mountain Records. A raucous, anthemic guitar tune designed to shake the angel and the devil off of your exhausted shoulders.

Speaking about the track, the quartet said: “Bad Habits”. We all have them and the guilt surrounding them eats us up. This song is a cathartic expression of the frustration that emerges from constantly teetering on the edge. It’s screaming into the faces of the devil and angel whispering in your ear. ‘Too Many Bad Habits to be this broke’ is a working class battle cry.”

Formed of Kali, Katelyn, Moon, and Nicole, Bad Waitress create riotous, inclusive punk tunes for listeners to rage and rock out too. Formerly known as The Nude Dogs, under their new moniker the band have shared an EP titled “Party bangers: Volume 1”, and they’re gearing up to release their first full length album later this year. Their blend of heavy riffs and satirical, cathartic lyrics scorch the ears with a righteous fury, and new single ‘Too Many Bad Habits’ is no exception.

‘Too Many Bad Habits’ Music video created in house by Bad Waitress team taking you on a nostalgic ride through memory lane. Another classic DIY video built with footage from tour, us being silly on our couches at home to live clips from past shows,  Through the limitations we have experienced over the last year really taught us that we can always build something new and adapt. Editing: Moon (Drummer) Footage: Filmed by Bad Waitress: Katelyn Molgard, Kali-Ann Butala, Nicole Cain and Moon.

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