ALLIE CROW BUCKLEY – ” Moonlit and Devious “

Posted: April 4, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Allie Crow Buckley’s debut album “Moonlit and Devious” is intricate and powerful, her haunting melodies swirling around a heavy soundscape. Album opener “Nothing Sacred” makes a big first impression, with a blown-out bass carving out the song’s low end. Gnarly, fuzzy guitar licks embellish the singer’s alto stylings, making for a gripping listen. The album’s titular single shows Buckley’s talent as a songwriter and poet, with inventive verses like “Aloof and ambiguous / You deprive me of the sentiment / I love how you let me spin / Circles around you, dip in arabesque.” “Moonlit and Devious” also utilizes a subtle organ sound to add a huge, cinematic feel to the dark track. 

There’s something bewitching about the self-released debut LP from Los Angeles’s Allie Crow Buckley—deeply embedded in each of the record’s ten folk-infused chamber pop tracks is a certain strand of occult psychedelia familiar to fellow LA rockers like Death Valley Girls. Among the most explicit examples is the album’s title track, which pares Buckley’s sound down to a droning, organ-like keyboard and spacious drum and guitar, while the singer’s moonlit and devious vocals soar over the arrangement.

Allie Crow Buckley’s music is like staring at the moon through an open window, not in wonder but with understanding. Her songs carry within them both a grounding earth-bound quality and an expansive sonic universe. Having grown up so close to where the ocean meets the land, it’s not surprising that her music is imbued with such a strong sense of power and natural balance.  

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter’s music is composed of Buckley’s lyrical use of imagery, her rhythmic structures and use of subtle sonic details accompanied by heavy, distorted guitar tones, layers of dreamy synths, soaring melodies, and deep low end. 

It’s this track Buckley chose to play for her “Neighborhoods” set, sitting at a keyboard in a very green backyard. Without the inclusion of percussion or raging backing guitar riffs, the song takes on a whole new eeriness, with Allie Crow Buckley’s vocals interweaving with minimal organ accompaniment. 

Official audio for the Moonlit and Devious single, performed by Allie Crow Buckley, taken from her debut album ‘Moonlit and Devious’, out 12th March 2021.

The Band:
Guitar | Dylan Day
Keys | Lee Pardini
Drums | Jason Boesel
Guitar | Mike Viola

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