SPENCER KRUG (WOLF PARADE) – ” Fading Graffiti “

Posted: April 2, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug Announces Debut Album Under His Own Name

Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug has announced new solo album Fading Graffiti which will be out April 16th via his own helpfully named label, Pronounced Kroog. His first album released under his own name, it takes songs that originated as piano ballads on Krug’s Patreon in 2019 and recontextualizes them as indie rock. After abandoning his Moonface moniker and successfully launching his Patreon subscription, Wolf Parade member Spencer Krug has announced his first album under his own name. Fading Graffiti is due on April 16th as the first release on the artist’s own label.

The album is composed of 10 full-band versions of songs that initially debuted on Krug’s Patreon account throughout 2019 as solo piano compositions. Krug and his new band recorded the songs at the tail-end of that year at the Noise Floor Recording Studio on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. According to the album’s pre-order page, the Patreon was “used to help fund the creation of the album.”

As heard on the newly released title track, the new version swaps out the original’s neoclassical slow burn for twanging rock fare augmented by slide guitar and synths. An accompanying lyric video by aitso draws out the song’s murmuring psychedelia by layering multiple videos of Krug dancing and singing along to the track.

Though this is Krug’s first album under his own name, it’s hardly his first solo album — Sunset Rubdown debuted in 2005 as Krug’s solo vehicle before becoming a full band, which led to the creation of Krug’s Moonface moniker in 2009. His final album as Moonface was 2018’s “This One’s for the Dancer & This One’s for the Dancer’s Bouquet”. Wolf Parade released “Thin Mind” in early 2020.

First single from the album by the same name Listen to “Fading Graffiti” coming April 16th.

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