JOHN MURRY – ” Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You) “

Posted: March 26, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Singer songwriter John Murry is gearing up to release his next record, following the success of A Short History of Decay, which was praised by Uncut, Q Magazine, The Quietus, MOJO Magazine and Sunday Times. First from the upcoming album is ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’, a cryptic Americana single that walks the line between the comedic and the serious.

Out now. Both the track and video for Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You), directed by Aiden Gillan is out now. Really glad to be getting new music out there and hope you’re digging it.

Y’all know we love music that’s left-of-centre here at Unrecorded. Stick indie or alternative before a genre and no doubt we’ll be giving it a spin. One sub-genre that doesn’t get enough light on the blog is alternative Americana and so we were stoked when John Murry‘s new single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’ made it’s way into our inbox. 

It’s a hard hitting piece of song writing that derives inspiration from some of life’s darkest moments, but as we can see from the music video, this doesn’t mean Murry takes himself too seriously. Directed by Irish actor Aiden Gillen (who you may know from The Wire, Game of Throne or Peaky Blinders), the visuals are obscure and avant-garde, making space for the watcher to figure out the meaning behind it all for themselves.

“We had been talking about various ideas for videos for a while,” Gillen says, “And I had this idea of John floating around my house – or did that happen in real life? – anyways I liked the idea of a John puppet floating around upside down and mentioned this to him, His ex had made this puppet with an uncanny likeness and I used whatever technology I had to hand – a phone camera, a stabilising gimbal and a two-euro macro lens to try and make something that looked nice for the puppet part. I mean, it’s not all in focus, but there a bit too much of that these days. I was asked for the puppet back, but I’d already lost it somewhere.”

‘The Stars are God’s Bullet Holes’ is not an album for an ordinary world, because it’s not an ordinary album.

It’s an album to dive deep into and submerge yourself in, and to emerge from aware that this world is a remarkable place, and that John Murry is a remarkable artist. John Murry’s third album is starlit and wondrous, like being wrapped in the softest black velvet. it’s an album of startling imagery and insinuating melodies, of cold moonlight and searing heat. it’s a record that penetrates to the very heart of you, searing with its burning honesty, its unsparing intimacy and its twisted beauty.

John Murry is gearing up to release his next record, following the success of A Short History of Decay,

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