The GO!TEAM – ” Get Up Sequences Part One / Rolling Blackouts “

Posted: March 20, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Go! Team – “Rolling Blackouts” (Dinked Archive Edition)) Yes, in a possibly foolhardy move, we’ve gone and double Dinked, taking the opportunity to create a 10 year anniversary Dinked Archive edition of The Go! Team’s classing Rolling Blackouts. Honestly, a record that has ‘Buy Nothing Day’, ‘Apollo Throwdown’ and ‘Ready to Go Steady’ on it is worth the price of admission alone. But this edtion comes on a collage picture disc, with a bonus 7″ picture disc featuring two rare Go! Team tracks, ‘I’m Not Satisfied’ and ‘Headache in my Heart’ plus fold out poster.
Limited to 500, 

Originally released Jan 31, 2011 on Memphis Industries

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The Go! Team have announced their sixth album, “Get Up Sequences Part One”, which will be out July 2nd via Memphis Industries. The lead single is “World Remember Me Now,” which features singer Ninja with the Kansas City Girls Choir, as well as an infectious steel drum hook. “I’ve always been interested in people’s daily routines – what people do all day” says Go! Team bandleader Ian Parton. “It was written ages ago but has become strangely relevant to the world now. It’s easy to feel forgotten at the moment.” You can watch the video below

While the band’s exuberance is still front and centre, behind the scenes was not as sunny. “I lost hearing in my right ear halfway during the making of this record” says Ian Parton. “I woke up one Thursday in October 2019 and my hearing was different in some way – it fluctuated over a few weeks and at one point everything sounded like a Dalek. I seem to remember listening to music was bordering on unbearable. Over time it settled into just a tiny bit of hi end being audible on my right side. I thought the hearing loss was from playing music too loud over the years but it turns out I was just unlucky and it was a rare condition called Menieres. It was traumatic to keep listening to songs I knew well but which suddenly sounded different and it was an odd juxtaposition to listen to upbeat music when I was on such a downer. The trauma of losing my hearing gave the music a different dimension for me and it transformed the album into more of a life raft.”

In The Go! Team’s world, old’s cool, the future’s bright and melody is the star. Just check the second cut “Cookie Scene” with a bouncing flute and junk shop percussion it introduces guest rapper Indigo Yaj who delivers an old school vocal that continues this sonic trip. Pow channels Curtis Mayfield and enter stage centre, the inimitable Ninja in full flow and you don’t stop, you wont stop to this flute driven free for all.

By way of demonstrating The Go! Team’s old school manifesto, comes the ‘needle-in-the-red’ “I Love You Better” a defiant message to an ex love, spelling out exactly how he’s fucked up – and then there’s those steel drums. Following that comes the soda fountain soul courtesy of “A Bee Without Its Sting”, a groovy protest song that makes its point with a tambourine – hey only The Go! Team.

The musical wagon train then takes you into the wide screen, windswept western that is Tame the Great Plains heading off into a polyrhythmic panorama that’s full of hope. Slappin’ you back to reality comes “World Remember Me Now”, a timely reminder that when you’re lost in the routine of life, you can always count on The Go! Team.

The new album ‘Get Up Sequences Part One’ is due out 2nd July, and it’s the hazygauzy, summer soundtrack of your dreams. “In The Go! Team’s world old’s cool, the future’s bright and melody is the star…” (not our words, the words of the legendary Don Letts).

On “Get Up Sequences Part One”, Ian, Ninja, Nia, Simone, Sam and Adam – The Go! Team – have created a musical world distinctly of their own making

  1. Amazing! I finally got Thunder Lightning Strike on RSD silver Vinyl this weekend. This is next!!!

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