Posted: March 11, 2021 in MUSIC
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Jenny Lewis and Serengeti struck up a friendship after a chance encounter at a music festival in 2018, and that friendship has now borne musical fruit. During lockdown, the indie-rock icon and the idiosyncratic Chicago indie rapper recorded five songs together, co-produced by Fog’s Andrew Broder. We’ve already heard a couple of those collaborative tracks, “Unblu” and “Vroom Vroom.” Today, we’re hearing one more.

Their new track is “Idiot,” a slinky track with Serengeti’s deadpan bars and Lewis’ beguiling vocals over skittering beats and keyboard plinks. “Jenny sent the beat and it’s always a great joy, it’s fun to do,” Serengeti explains. “I wrote a small rap about a man who gets knocked out by his mom’s boyfriend and then reconnects with his high school girlfriend.”

“These songs with Dave start with a late night feeling and access to — because of where we’re at right now in the world — whatever you have in your house that makes a sound,” Lewis says. “Or, I don’t have Pro Tools, so I use my phone, and I’ve got a little drum machine and a drum kit. Sometimes when I’m doing my vocals, Forensic Files is on in the background. That makes it onto the track because that’s just what’s happening.”

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