The PARANOYDS – ” Egg Salad “

Posted: March 8, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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The Paranoyds released visuals for “Egg Salad” off of their debut album Carnage Bargain! Directed by Nicole Stunwyck, “constructed of splinters from classic girl group, lo-fi guitar pop, and the forceful impact of Riot Grrrl.” The Paranoyds tap into both sides of Los Angeles life

“Egg Salad’ is an homage to a spoiled brat from the Valley. She keeps sneaking cash outta mom’s purse, doesn’t have any ambition or goals in life, just wants to party, and keeps getting away with minor crimes. Sometimes she even makes it to Hollywood!!! (“walk down Cherokee looking for a treat”).

“We were so excited when Nicole reached out. It’s honestly been a fantasy of mine to have a pen pal creative project with someone across the world! Plus, her aesthetic and previous work are all amazing. We are so stoked to be able to indulge in technology for this reason- creating projects that would otherwise be impossible. Ambar and Max are our HEROES. They nail every project, and we barely have to have a conversation beforehand. I guess they believe in us like we believe in them, and that really makes my heart swell! We have the same taste in everything, and I feel like we’re all sharing the same goggles when we do projects together. We are so grateful that they hopped on board this project and believed in Nicole’s work too.” – Staz Lindes of The Paranoyds

“The video presents the glitzy & glamorous world of a teenage girl who, after accidentally catching a beauty pageant on TV, dreams of her rise to stardom & subsequent downfall…It’s not a commentary on anything but an experimental depiction of my own personal fascination for young tragic starlets alà ‘Valley of The Dolls.'” – Director Nicole Stunwyck 

The Paranoyds “Carnage Bargain” out on Suicide Squeeze Records

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