LUCINDA WILLIAMS – ” Runnin’ Down A Dream: A Tribute To Tom Petty “

Posted: March 8, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Award-winning, revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is working to help independent music venues during this time with the announcement of Lu’s jukebox.

Scheduled as a six episode series of mostly full-band, hd video performances in-studio, Lu’s jukebox will feature a themed set of songs by other artists curated by the multi-grammy award winner. the first episode kicks off on October 22nd with “Running Down A Dream: a Tribute to Tom Petty”, featuring songs from his celebrated career in advance of his 70th birthday.

Drawing the album art for the cover of this adventure straight from Tom Petty’s album Full Moon Fever, it doesn’t take long to know that you’re in for a sincere treat, and while all of the material is drawn from Petty’s most beloved numbers, you’ll find that these tracks have been bathed and blessed in the waters of Lucinda Williams … meaning that while you’ll recognize each and every one, they’re all now owned by Ms. Williams.

Lucinda commented on these recordings by saying, “We’ve actually wanted to do a cover series for a long time now, but never had the time due to my touring schedule, so I guess the silver lining in all of this (Covid 19) has been to be able to really get inside the songs of some of my favourite artists and see what makes them tick.” With the presentation being drawn from a Lu’s Jukebox live streamed concert (and there will be six more like this in the future).

Lucinda’s chat in between the songs was both insightful as well as heart warming, making it obvious she’s a real fan. Lucinda’s voice is remarkably suited to his repertoire, as she and Tom Petty are both southerners by birth. I do hope at some point you get to view this concert as she has a fabulous band that made this all the more enjoyable to watch. The show came to a sup rinsing conclusion with the new song “Stolen Moments” that Lucinda wrote with Tom in mind, and dedicated it to his widow.

Talk about a match made in heaven! Lucinda opened for Tom Petty at the last concert he played before his death, and they seem like kindred spirits in every sense.
this ‘lu’s jukebox’ series was a string of livestreams she did last fall to benefit music venues during the pandemic, and if there was ever a cause near and dear to my heart, you know that’s it. of course she put together a killer band for the occasion, they sound amazing. a real treat, either artist or just wanna support a good cause.

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