FAUVELY – ” Beautiful Places “

Posted: March 3, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The plans for, and the realities of, 2020 were so very different things for Chicago band Fauvely Indie rock with a dose of dream-pop, folk, and shoegaze for their upcoming album, “Beautiful Places”. The quartet, who split their time between Chicago and their home-town of Savannah, Georgia, A slot at an official SXSW Austin Showcase didnt go ahead. Like so many bands though, plans were dashed, the band instead turned their attention to the studio. The result is their upcoming debut album, “Beautiful Places”, a reflection on when things go awry and maintaining hope in the face of adversity. What makes anything beautiful? This collection of songs is about finding beauty where it might not traditionally exist. It’s about duality: light and dark, memory and haze, being stuck and running away. It’s about wanting more and needing less. Some of it autobiographical and some of it is not. This is a hopeful album about small moments of beauty and joy. We hope it brings you some sort of light in a world that can, at times, feel very dark.

Having previously supported the likes of Stella Donnelly and Hand Habits, Fauvely’s sound walks the line between the driving and the dreamy; at times drums clatter, bristling with intensity, at the other moments guitars seem to spiral off in almost directionless beauty. At the core throughout is songwriter and vocalist, Sophie Brochu, seems to be able to find a pocket of space in all the noise, With a presence demanding your focus, even as the backing gets chaotic and noisy, swirling around her. t arrives later in the Spring, “Beautiful Places” lives up to its name, it might just be the sort of destination you will want to head too this summer.


All songs written by Sophie Brochu except “Run Run” (by Dale Price and Sophie Brochu) and “In the Dark” which is a cover of “Fishin’ in the Dark” (by Wendy Waldman and Jim Photogo).
The Band:
Sophie Brochu: guitar, vocals, lyrics
Dale Price: lead guitar, backing vocals, keys
Dave Piscotti: drums, backing vocals
Phil Conklin: bass

Featuring Mike Altergott on additional keys/synth

“Beautiful Places” is out April 2nd.

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