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Michael Philip Des Barres was born January 24th, the 26th Marquis Des Barres, and became an English actor and rock singer. Some people will always remember him as the sunglasses wearing pupil from “To Sir With Love” and some, like the Go, Go, Go Girl, will remember him in red leather pants fronting “Power Station” at 1985’s “Live Aid”. Dave Dalton, remembers him with his band “Silverhead” in 1973, and meeting him briefly in LA, as well as some years later with “Detective” (on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records) at “The Old Waldorf” In 1977. Still others remember the character he created “Murdoc” on the ABC “MacGyver” series, that spanned into the CBS reboot. However you know this man, his career has spanned almost 50 years, and Die Laughing records is excited to usher in this new chapter by welcoming Michael and his band “The Mistakes” to the DLR family. 

Des Barres and DLR are hoping this collaboration showcases Michael and his band “The Mistakes” to a whole new fan base, the “Millennials ”if you will. We know the “Hot Topic” era punks will embrace his past works such as “Silverhead” “Chequered Past” and “Detective”, that street punk sound Michael has now perfected with “The Mistakes”. We are looking forward to releasing their new music, and “Live” EP on Die Laughing Records in 2020,  to a new and nostalgic audience.

Whether you know him as the lead singer of SilverheadDetectiveChequered Past or The Power Station, whether you’ve seen him in To Sir, With Love or MacGyver, whether you’ve heard him on the radio as a free-thinking DJ, Great Britain’s Michael Des Barres checks all the boxes. A real Renaissance man for the ages, he was once married to the notorious groupie Pamela Des Barres. His new release — “Live!”by Michael Des Barres and the Mistakes — is a totally rocking affair a la The Faces or Mott the Hoople with covers of T. Rex, Marvin Gaye, Little Richard and more. At 73, he shows how energetic he is after a lifetime of rock and roll. 

The Band is:

Michael Des Barres – Vocals & Guitar ,Matt Starr – Drums, Paul Ill – Bass, Erik Himel – Guitar, Loren Molinare – Guitar

Michael Des Barres and the Mistakes “What’s Going On” off the upcoming EP : LIVE AT THE HI-HAT Die Laughing Records

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