CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH – ” New Fragility “

Posted: February 18, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Trace the arc of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s evolution and it shows an accomplished musician and composer sounding ever more confident, constantly refining and broadening his sound and indulging an ever wider set of influences. Few have been as consistently brilliant, eclectic, and intimate; fewer still have done so while being defiantly, 100% independent, refusing to sign deals that compromise artistic vision. ‘New Fragility’ is a continuation of this, yet it also stands apart as one his strongest collection of songs yet. Personal yet universal, ‘New Fragility’ confronts numerous modern ills.

‘Where They Perform Miracles’, a song concerning spirituality and alternative methods of healing, harks back to Ounsworth’s time as an anthropology student doing fieldwork in Mexico, while Dee, ‘Forgiven’ is an intimate look at what harm anxiety, and the over-prescription of certain medication, has on the vitality of youth. The song contains one of Ounsworth’s strongest vocals yet – a quivering beacon that shifts from a wail to a low grumble in the blink of an eye, a remarkable expressive instrument that sits perfectly amid the understanded orchestration. For 15 years, it’s been one of music’s most distinctive voices, and it’s never sounded as rich or poised.

America is still reeling from Trump’s presidency and his attempted last grab at power, rallying the Far Right for a riot at the White House, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah try to understand the events and bring about a sense of healing on sixth album New Fragility.

“No one seems to be speaking to what I feel like is inescapable. The political environment around the world, but especially the United States – I don’t understand why people don’t try to at least touch on it.” – Alec Ounsworth, Powerful and anthemic, New Fragility is ten tracks which conjures some of the Springsteen magic, and finds strength in sensitivity rather than becoming an outright protest record. By connecting emotionally, rather than making political statements, it becomes all the more compelling.

“New Fragility” Out February 12th, 2021 VIA CYHSY / Secretly Distrubution.

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