YONAKA – ” Seize the Power “

Posted: February 15, 2021 in MUSIC

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If Harlequin, she of Joker girlfriend fame, sat down and penned a song, then something in the opening section of “Seize The Power”, tells me it would be this. I’m writing this review upon the first listen as it grabbed me at the first sound. I’ve not even written the first sentence fully when I’m hearing lyrics “forget me and the Joker” and I’m all “bam! It’s not just Yonaka that are back… I’m back and I’ve still got it!”

Evidently, Yonaka never lost it. This is another dark, powerful and raw rock track, the fabrics of which are stitched together with tiny slithers of other musical genres. My instincts were to use their term Urban, but that is so trite in 2021, but to me, there is certainly a hint of grime, a dollop of dance (is Theresa channelling the late Keith Flint here? I feel like The Prodigy would make the mother of all remixes of this- and if you’re looking for a cover I wouldn’t mind Nothing But Thieves giving this beauty a bash).

Who has seen the video for the Seize The Power? It was super fun to make from smashing through glass (sugar ) being poured in like 2 bottles of lube to get that latex on and everything else. I am so proud of this and thankful to everyone who worked so hard on it.
Thanks for the wake-up call….. and the dollop of empowerment!

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