ISLAND – ” Octopus “

Posted: February 14, 2021 in MUSIC
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Island are back with a new tune for a wintry February. ‘Octopus’, out now via Frenchkiss Records, is a sweet, melodic indie-pop delight from the quartet, written during lockdown last year and produced by Thom Yorke collaborator Mikko Gordon.

London four-piece ISLAND are an alternative guitar band whose history is characterized by old friendships, close bonds, and an almost telepathic mutual understanding. Forming as teenagers when frontman Rollo Doherty’s acoustic bedroom project was treated to the boisterous backing of guitarist Jack Raeder, bassist James Wolfe and drummer Toby Richards in a dingy windowless practice room where they began to painstakingly shape a sound which combined darkly twisting instrumental with a sweetly melodic song-writing nous that belied their age.

“‘Octopus’ describes the feeling of looking back on rebellious teenage years from a time where an impulse to cause trouble has been replaced with new sentiments,” say the band. “The song ends by flirting with the idea of reverting back to old ways, and getting back to making trouble.”

Official music video for ‘Octopus’ by Island

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