The MOUNTAIN GOATS – ” Hail And Farewell, Gothenburg “

Posted: February 12, 2021 in MUSIC

Sadly, there are many examples of these famous recordings being leaked to the public, but not in the way that the artist intended. Sure, in your heart you can enjoy what you’re hearing an be somewhat satisfied that your long search is over, but often, you know that this isn’t the same as hearing an officially released version that mimics the true vision of the artist. Such is the case of Hail And Farewell, Gothenburg, by The Mountain Goats.

Hail and FarewellGothenburg” is an unreleased album by the Mountain Goats that was supposed to be the sequel to their 1995 release Sweden. It had remained unheard by the general public until 2007 when it was leaked onto the internet without John Darnielle’s permission.

This is an unreleased recording and was supposed to be the sequel to Sweden but for whatever reason wasn’t released. Someone close to Darnielle leaked it around 2007. Here’s what he had to say.

John Darnielle, has said that the album “is mastered too fast, by the way – the voice and guitar on it are about a full tone higher than they were actually performed.” Due to leaks like this one, he now destroys any masters that he does not want to escape without his blessing. This includes about fifteen songs that did not make the cut for All Hail West Texas.

Which is really very sad because All Hail West Texas is fucking amazing. Transitive Property states that those songs would’ve been amazing instead of fucking amazing.

Originally recorded in 1995, the record was reportedly mastered at an incorrect speed by The Mountain Goats’ frontman John Darnielle. While he had fully intended to re-master the album and release it later, the album leaked out into the public without his consent, and was shared around by an excited fanbase, keen for more music.

Disheartened by this leak, Darnielle abandoned the project, with no intention to release it as he had planned. While we have a version of this album available to listen to, it is in no way the same record that John Darnielle wanted to release. As a result of this leak though, Darnielle has stated that he now destroys the master tapes for any works he doesn’t wish the public to hear.

All songs by John Darnielle, except for “You’re So Vain” written by Carly Simon.

1. “Hello, Old Rabbit” 2. “You’re So Vain” 3. “Four New Trees” 4. “I Love You. Let’s Light Ourselves on Fire” 5. “Milk Song” 6. “Ghosts” 7. “Red Choral Diamond Spray” 8. “Ending the Alphabet” 9. “Crane” 10. “One Frozen River”

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