Posted: February 9, 2021 in MUSIC
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The National Jazz and Blues Festivals of the middle to late sixties were important musical events because they showcased the best of the British rock, jazz and pop bands of the time. Many bands got their big breaks at these festivals, if you performed well, receiving audience acclaim could lead to residencies at the prestigious Marquee club . Some artists even got recording contracts out of their appearances .  

       However, by this time, the National Jazz and Blues Festival fortunes were beginning to wane. It could no longer be said to be the most prestigious , or largest Festival in the UK summer calendar . In 1970 there was massive competition for the festival punters pound from the mega festivals at Bath and the Isle Of Wight . The international line-up of both these giants dwarfed the line-up of UK bands that the National Jazz Federation promoters had signed up and consequently there was a fairly low turn out for this festival . Barely 12,000 for the Friday concert , although I don’t know the exact figures for the entire festival.

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