TY SEGALL – ” Live at Zebulon “

Posted: February 8, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We are pleased to bring you Ty’s full solo performance recorded “Live at Zebulon” in June of 2020.

Under the dead of night, a stoic young gentleman named Ty Segall killed a garage rocker for punk. In the same secrecy, the California-born punk and roll darling slid a pre-order without any promotion, press or flim flam. What we have here is the full set Ty performed “Live at Zebulon back in June for all of us quarantining live music addicts thirsting for a taste of what we once knew. He delivered the goods from across his career. Crowd favorites like Finger” mixed with new cuts like Taste” for maximum hooliganry.

Tracklist: Finger 0:21 Squealer 3:34 Candy Sam 6:30 Warm Hands 10:00 You’re the Doctor 17:50 Taste 19:54 Love Fuzz 23:36

We’ve got three coloured variants for 200 whites, 300 pinks and 400 yellows and 600 classic blacks.  Don’t dilly dally, folks. Ty has fans from Des Moines to Timbuktu.

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