HAYLEY WILLIAMS – ” Flowers For Vases / Descansos “

Posted: February 7, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Hayley Williams has announced that she is releasing ‘Flowers For Vases / Descansos’ on February 5th. The follow-up to Williams’ May 2020 debut solo album ‘Petals For Armor’ has been teased by the Paramore frontwoman in recent weeks, with Williams’ official website redirecting to a site called ‘Flowers For Vases’. In late January, Paramore singer Hayley Williams began teasing a new project. She posted cryptic social media posts and mailed mysterious packages to fans that included doll limbs and handwritten notes that said “Plant me.” It turns out she has a brand-new full-length album that she wrote, performed and recorded on her own, at home during quarantine, called Flowers for Vases – descanos. It comes just eight months after Williams released her solo debut, “Petals for Armor”.

Williams also ‘leaked’ a new track from the project late last month after she hand-delivered a CD to one fan in the US. After fans noted that the Genius page for ‘Flowers For Vases / Descansos’ showed a release date of February 5th, Williams tweeted early this morning the title of her next solo project, its imminent release date.

The ‘Flowers For Vases / Descansos’ release news follows on from Williams revealing last month that she was in the process of recording her equivalent of Taylor Swift’s surprise-released album ‘Folklore’. “We don’t need drums if this is my ‘Folklore’,” she said of a since-deleted behind-the-scenes clip.

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