LAURA FELL – ” Safe From Me “

Posted: January 31, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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A psychotherapist by day, Laura Fell’s upcoming debut album, ’Safe from Me’, is a search for answers from a woman always expected to have them to hand, and the self-punishing frustration that assumption brings.

A sleeper hit of an album – we’re sure of it, on an exciting brand new label named after a line in a Big Thief song. We’re in good company. Pressed to vinyl exclusively for recordstore as part of their Albums of the Year 2020, and barely a day has gone by where we haven’t given it a spin. Fell’s dedication to this journey of self-discovery was unquestionable from the off, so much so that her peers questioned her sanity. Holding down three jobs to fund the record, Fell was determined that the songs would go far beyond their acoustic guitar genesis, assembling classically trained musicians to fully realise her vision.

London-based, Laura Fell only started playing music at 25 when the poetry she had been writing for almost a decade began to feel more like songs. This talent stretches throughout ‘Safe from Me’; Fell invites you to claw at the soil until you strike gold, and the meaning eventually becomes unearthed.


‘Safe from Me’ will be released on 20th November through Balloon Machine Records.

All music & lyrics by Laura Fell (excepting Track 4 – Left Foot Right Foot – co-written with Gus White)
Laura Fell – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (Track 8)

Chris Hyson – Electric Bass, Piano, Synths, Vocals

Alex Haines – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Lloyd Haines – Drums & Percussion

Essential new music for fans of Aldous HardingLaura MarlingPJ Harvey.

Recordstore Exclusive Seafoam Green Vinyl LP, album sleeve signed by Laura, strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide.

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