The SONDER BOMBS – ” Clothbound “

Posted: January 30, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Led by powerhouse vocalist, guitarist and ukulelist Willow Hawks, Cleveland quartet The Sonder Bombs are back with the follow-up to their buzzed-about 2018 debut “Modern Female Rockstar”. As its title suggests, “Clothbound”—produced in quarantine by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Beach Bunny, Modern Baseball) finds the band interweaving a multitude of ideas, both lyrically and instrumentally. On “k.,” Hawks delivers biting kiss-offs like “Treat your pearls like shit / You’ve always been entitled to it / Run your morgue mouth quick / Parseltongue and electric tips” amid bright ukelele and a pop-punk chug that would make Paramore proud, building to a hardcore breakdown.

Standouts like “The Brink” and closer “Play It By Fear” blend hard-charging punk and hushed pop, excelling in both aspects without selling either short Clothbound is at its best in this sweet spot, with Hawks wearing her emotions on her song writing’s sleeve (“Feeling is fine / You don’t need to be tough / All of the time ’/ We could hit Netflix and a box of wine,” she sings on single “Crying Is Cool”) and couching them in bittersweetly ebullient, multidimensional rock. The Sonder Bombs take aim at the sophomore slump on Clothbound and let loose with both barrels.

I can’t believe the day is here! We’ve been waiting so long to bring you the brand new The Sonder Bombs album entitled “Clothbound”. Please take a listen and remember it’s avail in UK/EU via Big Scary Monsters and in AUZ/NZ via Dew Process. We are so very proud of this band and the album they made!

a revved-up and catchy rocker about urging your friends to get emotionally vulnerable.“Crying Is Cool” has a big pop-punk chorus, and its lyrics are fully sincere: “No one ever tells us it’s OK/ But it’s OK/ Yeah, you are safe.”– Stereogum

“the lead single, “What Are Friends For?” It nails a balance between subdued, folk-tinged indie punk and bigger, more anthemic rock, and it’s a very fun song that you’ll be humming along to before the first listen even ends.”– Brooklyn Vegan

The band’s songwriting is more focused and concise than ever, Willow Hawks’ vocals take on a new shimmer as they float atop nostalgic instrumental arrangements that hammer home the quartet’s new and improved sound.”- Indie Mixtape

The Sonder Bombs – “Crying Is Cool” (Official Music Video) From their album “Clothbound” Out now via Take This To Heart Records/Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU)

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