JORDI – ” Escape Route “

Posted: January 30, 2021 in MUSIC
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Move over, you older rockers. Make room for 17-year-old Jordan Radnoti, a high school senior from Monrovia who arrived this week with a bang. Radnoti, releasing music under the name Jordi, released her first solo single, “Escape Route,” as part of L.A. label Dangerbird Records’ Microdose series. It’s not her first shot in the arm as a Microdose artist; she drummed for Unicorns at Heart on “Fixture,” which Dangerbird released last spring.

Jordi writes, sings and plays all the instruments on her songs. “Escape Route,” originally written when she was 15, was recorded with producer/engineer Ken Sluiter (Heart, Veruca Salt, The Jesus Lizard, among others). The single is a bass-driven powder keg, reminiscent of ’90s rockers the Breeders, Hole and, yes, Veruca Salt (or, if you imagine Jordi with a British accent, Elastica and Kenickie) or contemporary artists such as Cherry Glazerr.

It’s about “escaping from your own problems and your own fear that you create inside of your head, which I do a lot and I feel like I tend to overthink things a lot,” Jordi said “And so, just kind of escaping from that build up inside of your mind.”

Jordi’s self-directed video for the track takes her to the desert.

  1. Absolutely sold. Any review that starts “Move over you old rockers” gets my attention. This tracks a blast. I’ll pack my things

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