RATS ON RAFTS – ” Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths “

Posted: January 28, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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The band swear spiritual allegiance to the Rotterdam’s New Wave, Pop and Punk scenes with one proviso, the weirder the better. Rats have been together for a few years and, after boring themselves into finally getting good, they embarked on a phase which is slowly seeing them recognized as something a bit special by their own countrymen.

The third album from Dutch punk-laced noiseniks adds new maturity and a conceptual feel that pulls the extremes of their sound together. A psyche-fuelled journey into the id punctuated with rhythmic kabuki modal mood swings, thunderstorms, digital beeps, traffic noise, and just plain old beautiful cacophonous reverb-drenched sound when needed.

The ‘third chapter’ refers to the last five years that the Dutch band have spent creating their “difficult” third album. Each song spins a yarn; there are plagues, dreams, wind and fire, ‘mythical’ characters, and the search for the secret government warehouse. Lead single, “Tokyo Music Experience”, resonates with a conveyor belt-propelled modal guitar, reflecting the halcyon days of Japanese super-productivity; a mesmerising mantra, infected with news bulletin on-the-hour bleeps underlining its time-sensitive nature; a pristine super-commercial anthem to drive loyalty and reinforce solidarity with the party!

Having been described as creating “underground noise with a bracing, warped pop appeal” (Mojo), their new album is a coming-of-age post-classic with a unique worldview – inspired by Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycle) Scott Walker (3 & 4), Moondog (Elpmas), White Noise (An Electric Storm) and Beach Boys (Smile).

If their previous effort (Tape Hiss) was their very own sketch of a sketch for an incomplete concept album, a noisy reaction to their previous life, then ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3..’, with all its interlaced intricacies, is the realisation of their transition from punk-spiked-pop to psyche-pop protagonists.
Evolving, testing, infectious… Rats on Rafts’ upcoming album is called Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths, a title as labyrinthine as the music meticulously recorded by this iconic Rotterdam post-punk quartet. The record resonates like a living painting in which motifs disappear and return like characters in a puppet show. Music so immersive and unique, it was more than worth the half-decade wait.

Releases January 29th, 2021

“One of the great contemporary European rock bands” Louder Than War
“Recalling Brix-era Fall at their most-pop leaning” ★★★★½ Uncut
Rats On Rafts have that same righteous fire that makes A Silver Mt. Zion so compelling.” Norman Records
“A mélange of The Fall circa Container Drivers and Motorpsycho suggesting a very angry Go-Team” Mojo
“Animated by a myriad of experiences over the years, fashioning this modern new wave collection of gems imbued with the experimental 80’s, Scott Walker, reverb-soaked guitars and pop culture.” Narc
“A record that I – even though it’s very early in the year – will pencil in the top 3 of albums of the year”


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