SQUID – ” Narrator “

Posted: January 27, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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May be an image of nature and grass

We’re excited to announce our debut album “Bright Green Field”, out Friday 7th May! Here’s the first single ‘Narrator’ , This is the debut album we’ve always wanted to make and without a doubt the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done. We can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing. And especially to be able to play it to you in person……. ‘Narrator’ features the fantastic Martha Skye Murphy on vocals. The music video is directed by Felix Green. The track was inspired by the 2019 film A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, the song follows a man who is losing the distinction between memory, dream and reality and how you can often mould your memories of people to fit a narrative that benefits your ego. Martha Skye Murphy, the track’s guest vocalist, made the point that the unreliable narrator is, more often than not, a male who wishes to portray women as submissive characters in their story. After some discussions with Martha she thought it’d be a good idea that she play the part of the woman wanting to break free from the dominating story the male has set.

One of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2021 is incoming. While the title of Squid’s debut album conjures up imagery of pastoral England, in reality, it’s something of a decoy that captures the band’s fondness for paradox and juxtaposition. Within the geography of Bright Green Field lies monolithic concrete buildings and dystopian visions plucked from imagined cities. Squid’s music – be it agitated and discordant or groove-locked and flowing – has often been a reflection of the tumultuous world we live in. Following two instant sell-out EPs, their debut album is due 7th May on the legendary Warp label, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. A colossal new force in UK music.
Written in early 2020 and recorded during the intense delirium of a summer heatwave, ‘Bright Green Field’ sees the U.K. five-piece transcend genre, blending together alternative rock, post-punk and experimental electronics into a debut impossible to predict.

‘Bright Green Field’ is a joyous and emphatic coming of age record that’s agitated, discordant, groove-locked and flowing, amplified through dystopian Britain, science fiction and cyberspace – a reflection of the tumultuous world we live in. 
First single ‘Narrator’, is available now, ricochets from funk strut to screeching chaos via the melodic touch of guest vocalist Martha Skye Murphy, and comes accompanied by an expansive video by Felix Green.

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