BLEACH LAB – ” Old Ways ” EP

Posted: January 27, 2021 in MUSIC
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South-London’s Bleach Lab only released a handful of songs so far but the level of quality these tracks provide are already pretty stunning. Just take the wonderful “Heartache Of The Season …” or the magnificent “Never Be”.  The weight of emotional turbulence slowly sinks in with every second, and so do the gracious guitar fabrics, that echo the opaque sonic worlds of Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins. In a turbulent world a sound like the one of Bleach Lab feels like a much needed musical equivalent of catching your breath, turn off all internet devices and just enjoy the moment. Here’s what the band had to tell us about their hopes for 2021:

“We hope/pray that gigs will return to normal at some point in the new year. We miss gigging so much and can’t wait to play our music live again. We spent a lot of time in lockdown working on new music and really look forward to getting back in the studio. We also can’t wait to spend more time together again over a cold beer!”

Bleach Lab originally hail from Buckinghamshire and released their debut single back in 2019 – a simpler time for many of us. The sense of loss and change that permeates much of their music seems rather poignant in today’s world, evoking a sense of reflection that has become familiar to many.

19th March will see the release of the band’s new EP, which explores the feelings of grief associated with the loss of a close family member and the dissolution of a long-term relationship. Their new single, Old Ways, explores the sense of anger that loss can entail. On the track, singer Jenna Kyle’s sorrowful yet elegant vocals take centre stage amongst a soundscape of intricate drumming and yearning guitar lines.

The south-London quartet offering charming storytelling and jangly melodies This band are not to be missed, so discover them now before it’s too late.

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