C’EST KARMA – ” Fist Fight “

Posted: January 26, 2021 in MUSIC

C’est Karma (aka Karma Caten) describes herself as an “18 year old human being from Luxembourg making music for anyone who will listen.” The press release for ‘Fist Fight’ describes her as an “Alt-pop sorcerer” who “invites you into her fantastical world”. What intrigued me is that whilst writing ‘Fist Fight’ she was inspired by the Serbian conceptual and performance artist. As Karma cites in her blog: Artist Marina Abramović once commented on her piece Light/Dark, where she and her partner Ulay, slapped each other in the face for twenty minutes, that: “It is not the pain itself that matters. […] We were looking for a key, a way to break through the body, to open something up, which is a desire that comes from another side of truth or reality.

Being a non-violent person, Karma describes her song as being an exploration of violence and about “the conflicts everyone finds in themselves at some point in life, about the fight between reason and instinct.” 

Karma is another with a distinct voice that has sweet melody and wispish charm. The young artist has been pretty busy during the pandemic releasing three singles (‘Fist Fight’, ‘Pool Party’ and ‘Industrial Salt’) then the EP “Farbfilm” which features all of these plus 2 more tracks.

‘Fist Fight’ is her most pop-esque and bombastic track with up and downs, stops and starts– it’s where I met her and the song I like best. But all tracks have integrity and important stories to tell even if they are a slower burn. Looking forward to see what she does next.

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