HOTWAX – ” Stay Cool “

Posted: January 25, 2021 in MUSIC
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 Hotwax are three young women delivering ‘Moody vocals and deep instrumental weavings through psych rock to funk.’ with a fierce energy.

They say they are ‘inspired by No One’ yet they ooze the punk, rock, glam pizzazz of Joan Jett, P J Harvey, Iggy Pop or any other iconic classic of this ilk you care to mention. They a have a sound and competence that belies their years which they execute seemingly effortlessly. Their chemistry clicks, fizzes and inspires.

Their latest single is ‘Stay Cool’. I doubt they will have trouble doing this. They were probably born cool. Teenage angst does not escape them but this track is an acerbic commentary on the futility and artifice around ‘being cool’.  As they say ‘I wanna feel like I know myself not someone else’. At their age one would forgive them for just trying to be cool but as with their musicianship they show more maturity and self-possession than that.

‘Stay Cool’ by HotWax the 1st song on ‘Stay Cool’ recorded at Savage Sound.

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