BLEACH LAB – ” Old Ways “

Posted: January 23, 2021 in MUSIC

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Formed in Buckinghamshire, the dreamy-pop quartet Bleach Lab have subsequently relocated to South London, where they’ve been squirrelled away working on the tracks that make up their debut EP, “A Calm Sense Of Surrounding”, out later in the Spring. After the break-out moment that was their last single, “Never Be”, which was something of a sensation with the online blogging community, this week the band have returned with a brand new single, “Old Ways”.

Discussing the inspiration behind Old Ways, vocalist Jenna Kyle has suggested it is about, “the angry side of the grieving process at the end of a relationship”, and how that anger is aimed both at the way the other person treated you, and, “towards oneself for still missing them regardless”. The band’s exploration of a relationship in collapse is set to a backing of lush, textural guitars and distant rumbling drums, a perfect back-drop to Jenna’s soaring vocal, reminiscent of the likes of Night Flowers or Winter Gardens. As the band note, anger is the first stage of grief; with the rest of the record they seek to explore the other stages, and while that might not be the easiest journey, it’s going to be intriguing to follow Bleach Lab every step of the way.

“A Calm Sense Of Surrounding” is out March 19th.

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