PAUL WELLER – ” Reason to Believe ” – Various Acoustic Songs (1994-1995)

Posted: January 22, 2021 in MUSIC

More Paul Weller! This collection of Weller’s stray tracks from 1993 to 1995. This basically covers the same time period, but it’s only all acoustic songs.

The songs on this album generally fall into three categories: acoustic versions of songs from the 1993 “Wild Wood” album, acoustic versions from the 1995 “Stanley Road” album, and six cover songs. There also are one or two songs from the other stray tracks albums from this time period.

If you put it all together, it’s a fairly long album of 56 minutes. I would have liked to split it up into two albums, one covering the “Wild Wood” era and the other covering the “Stanley Road” album, but there just wasn’t enough material for that. Both albums have some mellow songs that work well acoustically, but both also have rockers that Weller seems to have never played in acoustic format.

Anyway, I love good acoustic music, and this is Weller in his prime.


01. Black Sheep Boy (Paul Weller)
02. Hung Up (Paul Weller)
03. Out of the Sinking (Paul Weller)
04. Birds (Paul Weller)
05. Foot of the Mountain (Paul Weller)
06. You Do Something to Me (Paul Weller)
07. The Loved (Paul Weller)
08. Country (Paul Weller)
09. All the Pictures on the Wall (Paul Weller)
10. It’s a New Day, Baby (Paul Weller)
11. Out on the Weekend (Paul Weller)
12. A Year Late [Demo] (Paul Weller)
13. Broken Stones (Paul Weller)
14. I Shall Be Released (Paul Weller)
15. Corrina, Corrina (Paul Weller)
16. Reason to Believe (Paul Weller)
17. Time Passes [Demo] (Paul Weller)
18. Wings of Speed [Demo] (Paul Weller)

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