The GOODBYE PARTY – ” Beautiful Motors “

Posted: January 20, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Over the last eight years, the Goodbye Party has remained a hidden gem to devoted fans. The music of Michael Cantor, the Philadelphia-based musician behind the project, has been a well-kept secret that holds the sacredness of loss close to the heart through classic pop ballads, atmospheric soundscapes, cassette tape noise, swirling guitars, and an affinity for staying present in the dark corners of our minds. On October 9th, 2020, the Goodbye Party released their sophomore album, “Beautiful Motors”, on Double Double Whammy Records, with which Cantor is ready to be fully unearthed.

Beautiful Motors is a culmination of Cantor’s previous releases, showcasing a full bloom of profound and haunted narrative song writing. He’s always had a knack for vividly portraying the auditory flight of spectre’s and feelings of loss and surrender, except this time he’s leaned into the grief of growing older while also looking back on the rock sounds of his youth. The songs inhabit you as the appearance of a ghost does; they remain long after the encounter, running through your brain like an omnipotent refrain.

The Goodbye Party has shared “No Reason” a gentle power-pop number his upcoming albumBeautiful Motors”. it “nails a balance between warm, summery melodies and autumnal melancholy — the perfect kind of song to drop on the first official day of fall.”

Of the song, Cantor says “this song deals with a couple of themes. One is how people you no longer keep in your life can show up in some of your favourite memories. It’s also about the experience of passing through the same place across different tours and seeing decay creep along, seeing cascading effects from hurricanes, and recognizing that slow change in yourself. My friend Emi Knight from Strawberry Runners sings on this song. She, along with a handful of local songwriters, held monthly salons where we would demo and critique each other’s songs. Having that space helped me focus, write, and rewrite songs for this record.”

Recorded in Philadelphia with Kyle Gilbride (Swearin’) at Wherever Audio, Beautiful Motors was engineered between December 2018 and November 2019. The year-long timeline resulted in plenty of opportunities for refining, rewriting and arranging at home and during studio sessions. Cantor is joined by friends and musicians new and old to the Goodbye Party lineup, including Gilbride, Cook-Parrott, Maryn Jones (Yowler), Joey Doubek (Pinkwash, Speedy Ortiz), Emi Knight (Strawberry Runners), and pedal steel guitarist Zena Kay.

Beautiful Motors is available everywhere October 9th. The Goodbye Party

All songs by Michael Cantor

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