PAPER BIRCH – ” Morninghairwater “

Posted: January 13, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Paper Birch are an experimental noise-rock duo, consisting of Fergus Lawrie, of Urusei Yatsura, and Dee Sada of Steve Albini-produced An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump. The band started working together under the enforced distance of 2020, and created their debut album, “Morninghairwater”, which received a minimal digital download release through Cafe Oto imprint TakuRoku. Now one of eight new signings to the excellent Reckless Yes label, alongside the likes of Breakup Haircut, Piney Gir and th’sheridans, Morninghairwater is set to receive a much more expansive release later this year.

Listening to Morninghairwater, Paper Birch’s sound seems to exist between an array of genres, one moment engulfing the listener in a flurry of angular shoegazing noise, before the next slipping into richly melodic moments of indie-pop. The result is a record that seems to ebb and flow, one that is far more than the sum of its songs; they seem to have almost created a sonic landscape, full of moments of real beauty, and others where the brutality of the natural world is laid bare. Particularly wonderful is Fallen, reminiscent of early-Liars or even Joy Division’s Atmosphere, as it combines dissonant guitars with easy, half-spoken vocals and a steady rhythmic pulse. While the album is already out in the world, with the backing of one of the UK’s most exciting new indie-labels, Paper Birch’s music should reach a whole new array of ears in the year ahead.

Official music video for Paper Birch’s ‘Summer Daze’ directed by Grant McPhee, written and recorded by Dee Sada and Fergus Lawrie, produced by Fergus Lawrie and mastered by Steven Ward. Taken from the album, Morninghairwater released August 5th 2020 on TAKUROKU records.

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