GARCIA PEOPLES – ” Garcia Peoples at Hear Here Presents “

Posted: January 3, 2021 in MUSIC
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Formed in New Jersey by guitarists Tom Malach and Danny Arakaki, the band took a few years to find their flying shape, solidifying into a line up with Danny’s brother Cesar on drums and Derek Spaldo on bass by mid-2016. Ramping up their acceleration around the time of their 2018 Cosmic Cash debut on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records, they’ve blasted through residencies and new songs and sessions and collaborations, relocating to New York, picking up two new members in keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Pat Gubler and bassist Andy Cush, and leaving a trail of live tapes in their wake. Hear Here Presents is a unique live music video series based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that focuses on high quality audio mixes and top notch filmmaking to create a multi-dimensional, intimate viewing experience for all music lovers, no matter their location.

The new one by Garcia Peoples is out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond, writing that “The band’s fifth full-length splices the kind of serpentine folk-blues licks you might expect from Richard Thompson into their fiery onslaughts.”

Make all the jam band jokes you would like to, but these guys are like no one else on the scene right now. Their playing is top-notch, like many out there, but their songs are also catchy as hell and memorable. It starts off strong, sounding like you’re about to listen to a heavier album with “Gliding Through” before it transforms into an upbeat poppy rock tune that has a great funky bassline and you might find yourself starting to bop around to it within seconds. “Wasted Time” is straight out of dreamy 60’s easy-going psychedelia, “Altered Place” wants to be an old Love tune (this is a good thing), “Painting a Vision That Carries” with its acoustic mastery still full-on rocking could have fit on Led Zeppelin III.

The entire second side is one long suite and it shows their chops on being able to move from one idea to the next seamlessly. “One at a Time” starts us off with some slinky bass lines and guitar riffs. With a striking guitar chord, we move into the first instrumental track “(Our Life Could Be Your Van)” that goes through three of its own distinct movements, all fast-paced and driving forward, until it drops into “Crown of Thoughts” where you feel like you’ve been transported under water with the abrupt but perfect change. “(Sound Controls Time)” is peak Syd Barret Pink Floyd weirdness that sets us up for another 180 with the acoustic opening of “A Reckoning”. The song stays mellow and feels like a chant before an all-out psychedelic feedback jam, “(Litmus)”, eventually drops us into the peaceful closer “Shadow” to end the suite and the record. It’s a hell of a listening experience from beginning to end.

Recorded January 17th 2020 at Hear Here Studios

“HEAR HERE JAM” – (0:0012:52) “ONE STEP BEHIND (TEASER)” (13:1621:53) *NO CUT* – “FEEL SO GREAT” (21:54-END)

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