LE REN – ” Morning and Melancholia “

Posted: January 2, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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By now, it has been well documented how affecting Le Ren’s Morning & Melancholiais. The powerful emotional response to these four folk songs is in part the result of Lauren Spear’s sharp song writing, which allows her to, at once, fill your heart with love and snap it in half.

A stunning four-song EP that feels like the end of the world is taking place. What actually happened is an ex-boyfriend died in a car crash and these songs are the healing that Le Ren, whose real name is Lauren Spear, needed to get out into the world. The songs are beautiful and heart breaking and a hell of an introduction in the world as this is her debut. “Love Can’t Be The Only Reason To Stay” kicks us off with a lullaby about loving someone so much but ultimately having to leave that person because there is more than just love going on.

The healing process of life after this tragic death begins with “How to Begin to Say Goodbye”. The way she harmonizes with herself is just gorgeous. “If I Had Wings” is Lauren trying to figure out a way to see this person one more time to say goodbye. “The Day I Lose My Mind” sounds like a song you’d hear coming out of a Texas Honky Tonk, not from Montreal. The pain in her voice though can be felt universally though. The four songs go by quickly, but be prepared for a lot of feelings to bubble up, especially with what has happened throughout this year. 


Released July 31st, 2020

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