The SLOW WEATHER – ” Great White Male “

Posted: December 31, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The first single “Great White Male”  from Slow Weather is the new project from renowned producer and Catholic Action front man Chris McCrory and LNFG’s Annie Booth. Annie and Chris first met when Annie was providing feature vocals on a Wojtek the Bear track. Annie Booth is an Edinburgh-based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. With a keen ear for melody and movingly bittersweet compositions, she is a unique and fiercely emotive voice in the Scottish music scene, her songs woven with a subtle but exciting patchwork of styles and sounds.

A big fan of his recording style, Annie then went into the studio with Chris to work on her “Spectral” EP. The process was extremely fun and organic, leading to talk of writing together for a new project.

After they penned their first song together in four hours, the two knew they’d stumbled across something exciting. The Clean Living EP, due for release in November 2020, was recorded mainly at Hermitage Works Studios in London, with the finishing touches added at Chris‘s home.

Preceded by two digital singles, the EP brings you well-executed, lush song writing from two people whose individual crafts have seamlessly woven together to produce music that is utterly lovely in its sound and has depth in its meaning

The two first worked together on Boothe’s 2018 release SpectrumTheir new project, Slow Weather, offers a proper and satisfying new collaboration. Debut EP Clean Living features five pretty, pastoral indie pop numbers, enhanced by some enjoyable boy/girl vocal interplay. A sunny affair,Clean Living goes great with the hope of morning and a warm cuppa to boot. But we’re really digging the fun, Buffalo Bill referencing “Great White Male,” and its trippy, wrong side of the Rapture video,

Taken from the forthcoming album Clean Living – LNFG39 – Released November 2020.

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