KATIE MALCO – ” Fractures “

Posted: December 31, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Katie Malco "Failures" LP/CD

“Failures”, is Katie Malco’s debut album, The songs keep changing lanes on the listener. It can pull you in with the immediacy of a churning, addictive rocker like “Animal,” only to pull back to the slow-burn beauty of “Brooklyn,” before leaning in close to deliver stately folk like “Fractures.” But what unites all the music is an emotional and musical catharsis that erupts on nearly every track, quiet and loud numbers alike building to a payoff that electrifies the listener every time—especially when she embraces her rock-anthem tendencies, as on instant classic “Creatures.” “Night Avenger,” with its minimalist restraint, is the lovely exception that proves the rule.

It’s thrilling to hear a new voice come right out of the gate with such a masterful command of songcraft; it’s even more exciting to realize she’s just getting started, The first proper full length from critically acclaimed UK singer/songwriter Katie Malco and her first new music in nearly seven years. ‘Failures’ finds Malco at her all-time best, taking all she’s learned in recent years, both personally and musically, and combining both with an unmatched song writing prowess. She’s both vulnerable and intense, pouring herself into each song with an uncanny relatability. Malco has recently toured alongside the likes of Julien Baker, Dawes, The Joy Formidable, and ST Manville, as well as supported We Were Promised Jetpacks, Jenny Lewis, etc.

Official music video  Katie Malco, taken from the album ‘Failures’ out June 5th, 2020 via 6131 Records.

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