Posted: December 20, 2020 in MUSIC
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New York quintet Store Front featuring Amy Rose Spiegel (vocals/lyrics), Peggy Wang (bass, formerly of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), Bob Marshall (guitar), Brandon Louro (guitar) and Chalky Edwards (drums)—released their debut EP Task in February. 

The five-track release’s lovely opening cut “Rip the Price Off” sets the tone for an EP that tries to find the joy in struggle, as Spiegel explained in a statement: “Task is about making private jokes in your head about all the big concerns you’re trying to keep track of, especially in the cases when those things are supposed to feel gravely serious,” she says. Anchored by Wang’s bass, and Marshall and Louro’s dreamy dual-guitar work, “Rip the Price Off” finds Spiegel exploring the dehumanizing effects of capitalism, which ties our self-worth to the work we do and what we’re paid for it. “When it comes to my job, look, I slack off / I don’t try too hard / Even writing this song, I wanted to do / the bare minimum,” she sings, finding the sardonic humour in being behind the eight ball, “broke and lazy.” It’s a funny and relatable sentiment, couched in the kind of gorgeous instrumentation you can’t put a price tag on, and on Task, it’s only the beginning. 


released February 14, 2020

Vox: Amy Rose Spiegel
Guitar: Brandon Louro
Guitar: Bob Marshall
Bass: Peggy Wang
Drums: Chalky

From their EP “Task” Out February 14th

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