NOVA TWINS – ” Play Fair “

Posted: December 11, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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AOTY - Nova Twins

Heavy Music Award winners Nova Twins mix up riffs, hip-hop and nihilism in their hard-hitting music, and there’s no better example of this than “Play Fair” The track first appeared on Nova Twins’ debut album ‘Who Are The Girls?’, released earlier this year. The incendiary, utterly invigorating debut album from London’s Nova Twins formally introduced us to two future stars-in-the-making: vocalist and guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, a duo whose unwillingness to conform to genre makes them all the more enticing. A wild-eyed crossover of distorted rock and electronic influences, Who Are The Girls? made for one of the most exhilarating and assured releases of the year. It built mountains of coruscating noise via scything riffs, metal thrashing and bass pedals alone, and rewarded the listener with its defiant lyrical content, with the no-shit stance refrain of ‘Bullet’ being a blazing example: “It’s my body, it’s my mind, do what I want with it’. More power to them.

Speaking about the track, the band said in a press release: ‘It’s the ultimate revenge tune, about powering through any hurdles that stand in our way. It’s a call to arms; rise against those who try to hold you back! If life hands you an unfair game, don’t play fair.’

Nova Twins’ Amy and Georgia along with producer Jim Abbiss wrote, recorded and produced their debut album ‘Who Are The Girls?’ 

Reflecting on venturing into the studio for the first time with a ‘big name’ producer, Amy, Georgia and Jim delved into their “ropey” demos written in a tiny room at Georgia’s house, unravelling they formed their raucous balance of electronics, punk and heavy hitting guitar and bass riffs. We’re given a glimpse into the secrets of the duo’s mammoth pedal boards, revealing how they are so much more than extensions of their instruments. Check out their drum parts written for drummers with more than two arms, studio debates about a cowbell, and how many biscuits were consumed during the making of the album. 

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